THE CONCEPT of Blank Snowboards is not new to most snowboarders, yet nobody can seem to find a quality board at the right price. This is the reason Blank Snowboards was created—to answer the demand.

Rob Foy, one of the owners of Blank, shares the story of how Blank got started.

"It all started one day when I was reminiscing with some friends about the good old days, when we weren't slaves to the 8-5 grind. It was during one of these lunchtime BS sessions that the concept of Blank hit me. A long story and a few years later, I was looking at prototypes and molds with Brandon Bybee, Jason Murphy and Benson Miller. It was a dream come true--me and some bros were forming a snowboard company. It took several models and lots of time on the hill to get the board where we wanted it. We weren't going to settle; we wanted more than just your average board. We were also just as determined to be able to offer it at an even better price. Boards today are so outrageously priced because there is so much wasted cost built into the price of a board other than the board itself, like corporate overhead, overloaded graphics and a retail markup. Since when do you have to be rich to snowboard? We didn't want to have anything to do with all this crap. We wanted to make snowboarding more affordable without compromising quality, and here we are."

"We are in every sense of the word a "blank" company. We're all about the purity and love of the sport, not about all the other stuff. We just want to make a great board and have a great time doing it."

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