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Jason Anderson Blank Snowboard Art

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Submitted by Jeff on January 17, 2012 at 4:58 pm

Just because you’re tight on cash doesn’t mean you need to creep canada online pharmacy down the mountain on a snowboard that’s starving for wax. We hit up the local thrift store to cialis online gather supplies and now we’re ready to demonstrate a cheap do-it-yourself snowboard waxing.

1. Loosen the bolts or remove the bindings altogether. The heat conducted by the metal bolts can cause unwanted dimples on the base of your snowboard.

2. Use wax remover to wipe away the existing wax and clear any dirt from the pores. If you don’t have any wax remover, a mild household cleaner will at least get rid of any serious grime.

3. Place your snowboard on a solid, level surface. It is important to note that the process can get very messy so choose a workspace accordingly.

4. Hold the block of wax up to the hot iron and let it dribble across the base. You want just enough wax to cover the whole base after the next step. If the wax is steaming then you will want to turn the temperature of the iron down a bit.

5. Use the iron to spread the droplets of wax evenly across the base. Make sure you do not overheat your snowboard. If the topsheet feels hot to the touch then the snowboard is much too warm.

6. Let the snowboard cool to room temperature and then use a scraper to remove the excess wax. It is best to use long strokes pharmacy from the tip to the tail of the snowboard.

7. Use an abrasive sponge or something similar to remove any lingering wax.

*We purchased inexpensive items from a thrift store to demonstrate a stop canadian pharmacy spam low-budget wax. For more professional results you can purchase a snowboard-specific iron, scraper, base cleaner and base brush from your local shop or a number of online retailers.


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Submitted by Jeff on January 11, 2012 at 1:23 pm

You guys have been asking for a review. Click below to see what Agnarchy thought of the 157cm reverse camber Blank snowboard.


From the creation of the company to board construction and mythological beasts. Click below to see the interview.


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