The Brand

THE CONCEPT of Blank Snowboards is not new to most snowboarders, yet nobody can seem to find a quality board at the right price. Blank Snowboards was created to answer the demand.

It has taken several models and lots of time on the hill (which we enjoy) to get the boards where we want them. We won’t settle and continually push the envelope to deliver high-quality boards. We are also just as determined to be able to offer it at an even better price.

Boards today are so outrageously priced because there is so much wasted cost built into the price of a board other than the board itself, such as corporate overhead, overloaded graphics and a retail markup. Since when do you have to be rich to snowboard? We don’t want to have anything to do with all that crap. We wanted to make snowboarding more affordable without compromising quality, and here we are.”

We are in every sense of the word a “blank” company. We’re all about the purity and love of the sport, not about all the other stuff. We just want to make a great board and have a great time doing it.

The Founders

A couple of friends – including pro snowboarders Brandon Bybee and Jason Murphey along with Rob Foy and Benson Miller – built Blank Snowboards out of the pure love for snowboarding!

Brandon has been featured on ESPN, in Whitey’s film “Destroyer”, and in many other publications. Jason got the cover shot on Microsoft’s XBox game Amped, has been featured on the cover of Transworld, and had a pro-model board made after him before co-founding Blank Snowboards

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